Florida A&M is home to an upgraded wireless network that improves security and is easier to use.

Once you are on the campus you will have access to the wireless networks with the following SSIDs.

  1. FAMUSecure (Students, Staff, Faculty)
  2. eduroam (Visitors, Students, Staff, Faculty)
  3. FAMUGuest (Visitors)
  4. FAMUWIRELESSNET (legacy wireless)
  5. FAMUDevices (Students, Staff, Faculty)
  6. FAMUSecure

    FAMUSecure is the wireless network for FAMU Students, Staff and Faculty.

    We are transitioning from FAMUWIRELESSNET to FAMUSecure. Devices connecting to the FAMUSecure wireless network will use 802.1x based authentication for secure and easier authentication to the network. All communication across this network will also be encrypted with WPA2 wireless encryption to help ensure user data privacy.

    XpressConnect is being provided to make the transition to this secure network easier. This tool will configure all wireless settings required to access the FAMU wireless network. XpressConnect is only needed for the first time when setting up your wireless connection. You will however need to rerun the configuration utility to update your password information if you were to change your password.The following steps will provide instructions to run Xpressconnect and get connected to FAMUSecure.

    1. Visit connect.famu.edu or join the FAMUWIRELESSNET wireless network on campus and click the “GET CONNECTED” button.
    2. Check the box to acknowledge reading and agreeing to the EULA, and then click start.
    3. The XpressConnect wizard will load and begin to scan your device to identify which steps are necessary to appropriately configure your device for FAMUSecure. Please Note: The wizard will attempt to load automatically using a Java Applet or Active X controls depending upon your OS and browser. You may need to click the "manual download page" link and follow the on-screen directions if it does not load automatically.
    4. XpressConnect will go through several steps to determine your connectivity status. It may ask you, more than once, to enter your credentials for FAMUSecure, which is your FAMNETID and password. Each time you are prompted, enter your credentials in the appropriate boxes and then click continue.
    5. The wizard requires elevated user account privileges to make configuration changes in your operating system. If requested, please supply your device's administrative username and password to continue.
    6. On Windows computers, during the authentication step of the wizard, a bubble may appear in the lower-right corner of the screen. If it appears, click in the center of the bubble and enter your FAMNETID username and password when prompted. You will then need to click the "retry" button in the XpressConnect wizard.
    7. XpressConnect will then validate connectivity and indicate a successful connection.
    8. Remember: You will need to repeat steps 1-7 on your wireless devices to update your stored FAMNETID password at any point you change your password. Failure to do so may result in your FAMNETID being locked.

      If you need more detailed instructions, please click here to access step-by-step instructions.